According to a research by HubSpot, 80% of the web traffic is search driven. Therefore, to ensure the best performance of a particular website in a search result, optimization is important.

To match up to the changing trends of SEO businesses need to keep up with the knowledge of latest SEO strategies. Here we have listed some tips related to SEO strategies that can boost traffic and ranking of your website.

SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic and Boost Ranking of Your Website

Optimize For Mobile Audience

Last year with the help of Google, Twitter, WordPress and other companies “accelerated mobile page” was launched. The main aim of this project was to increase the importance of mobile by fast loading mobile web pages.

According to research by StatCounter in 2016, 51% of global traffic came from mobile devices whereas around 48% came from desktops or laptops. Therefore desktop is gradually becoming the secondary touch point for internet users.

Hence it’s the need of hour that your content, SEO, and digital strategies are designed while keeping in mind the mobile view of the site.

Optimize your landing pages

Optimizing landing page of your website increase the conversion rate greatly, helps in increasing sales and generates qualified leads. While creating a landing page adhere to few SEO ethics like:

  • Clarity of Template design
  • Use of customer testimonial
  • Use of keywords and Meta tags
  • An appropriate call to action
  • Answer the query of customer


Keep check on competitor’s keywords

Keywords stuffed into content with the intent of attaining high search engine ranking won’t proffer desired results. Instead, having extensive knowledge of the search queries of target users is a better approach to increasing the ranking of your website. Some factors which will help in the ranking of the website are content relevance and backlinks.

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Broken links

The common reasons of broken links are:

  • Renaming / Moving of web page without changing the internal links
  • When the links to content have been moved / deleted
  • When the link to third party page has been moved / changed

A broken link can cause serious damage to the ranking of your website. An appropriate way to reduce broken link is by monitoring Google webmaster and you can redirect them once the links are renamed. This is a good approach to fix the ones deleted from your website.

Optimize images

Loading speed of your site critically affects the ranking of your website. One of the most prominent reasons for poor loading speed is heavy images on the website. Image optimization can help fasten your loading speed which in turn reduces the bounce rate. The best and effective ways of optimizing images are by keeping the file size as low as possible, using PNG format, using the correct file name.

Utilize Forum

This year there is a great participation of users on Forum site like Quora, StackExchange, etc. A forum is a medium where views/ ideas on a particular issue can be exchanged. A dedicated marketing expert is required to answer the question being asked about their niche.


Strong online presence

Social media plays a very important role in spreading awareness of your brand. User’s everyday decisions are made using the internet. Merely having a website will not enable you to expand your business and create brand awareness. Generally, brands limit their presence to a few social media platforms. Other than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you should explore new Q/A sites, networking platforms, etc. Which platform connects with the audience in the most expedient manner; try to know this.

Search algorithms undergo several changes year after year so it’s a must to stay up to date with the latest SEO strategies. Adhering to the above-mentioned tips will help you in 2017 making your optimization process more result-oriented.