Shopping, ordering food from local restaurants, travel tickets booking, doctor appointment scheduling – everything is happening online today. This technological revolution that internet has brought in past few years has changed consumer behavior greatly. And as a result, today people rely heavily on the internet to accomplish various day-to-day tasks.

As a brick & mortar tailor, if you haven’t yet thought of capitalizing on the reliance of consumers on internet, then it’s time to modernize your custom tailoring business with technology, take it online, and serve your customers in the way they want to be.

Your customers will love it

On an online custom tailoring website, customers can choose fabric, pattern, and stitching style for their custom tailored clothes, as well as provide their measurement (this may require one-time visit to the offline store). After the order is placed, tailoring begins at the physical store in the usual manner. Once the stitching is done the custom-tailored clothes are shipped to the customers.

The experience of ordering custom clothing online is as convenient as shopping any other product online. Your customers will definitely love you for it; not to mention how much boost this will give to your business.

Custom tailoring website setup – Made easy with Stitch

Now, migrating your established brick & mortar tailoring business online may seem like a formidable task, but today there are technology solutions like Stitch that simplify things significantly.

Stitch is a readymade website script to set up online custom-tailoring platform swiftly and cost effectively. The system has inbuilt custom tailoring software for men’s formal wear (shirt, trouser, waistcoat, & blazer), shopping cart, a separate online store for selling accessories, and numerous other key operational elements required for the setup of an ecommerce business.

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As for the custom tailoring software, apart from fabric & pattern selection, Stitch custom tailoring software allows your customers to customize their clothes with following stitching styles as per the clothing type:


  • Collar – English/President Cutaway/Straight point/Button Down/Standard Collar
  • Cut – Standard/Slim
  • Cuffs – One Button Mitered/Round/ French/Convertible Square
  • Pocket – Rounded/Cut/V-Shaped
  • Placket – Front/Hidden/Tuxedo
  • Pleat – Center box/Side
  • Tuck Length – Normal/Always Tuck/V-shape
  • Darts – Yes/no


  • Waist – Displaced Hooks/Displaced Button/Waist Lock
  • Fitting Style – Slim/Straight/Regular/Small Cuff/ Tall Cuff
  • Side Pockets – Diagonal/Round/Vertical
  • Back Pockets – Flap/Patch/Pipe/ No back pockets
  • Pant Pleats – One/Two/No Pleats


  • Style – Round/Diagonal/Straight /Double Breasted (Buttons 3/4/6 with each)
  • Breast Pocket – Yes/no
  • Front Pocket – Welt/Flap/Double Welt/3 Welt/3 Flap/ 3 Double Welt


  • Breast Pocket – Yes/no
  • Hip Pockets – two/three flap; two/three double welt
  • Fit – Classic/Slim
  • Suit Style – Asian/Peak/Notch buttons (buttons 1/2/3/4/6/8)
  • Back Style – Vent-less, Center vent, Side vent
  • Sleeve Buttons – 2/3/4 buttons

Want to experience how your online custom-tailoring store will work?

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From above-listed stitching style features, one can easily estimate the comprehensiveness of the Stitch system & how it would assist in running an online custom tailoring business seamlessly.

For brick & mortar tailoring businesses, which are ready to make the offline-to-online transition, it is important to note that store setup is just the beginning, the real challenges comes in managing your online business. For that it is crucial that a reliable technology partner is at your side. With Stitch, you’ve got that covered too, as the technology solution also comes with 1-year technical support.

If you have additional queries related to online custom-clothing platforms, feel free to shoot your questions in the comment section.