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Online Cab booking service is one of the most profitable ecommerce business models in the current age. This is why Uber is considered to the one of the most popular startup unicorns across the globe. Looking at the popularity and the valuation Uber has received; many other entrepreneurs have started to mull the idea of launching their own online cab booking startup.

There two key aspects to every online cab booking startup. An aspiring entrepreneur can use either of the business models.

  1. Aggregator model: this is one of the most widely used business model among cab booking startups, where they themselves do not own any cab but offer a platform to connect cab owners with the consumers. Big names like Uber, Cabcrazy and Ola Cabs work on this business model. An additional benefit of this business model is that you do not have to worry about maintaining the cabs and only have to focus on sustaining the…

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