There has been a constant disruption going on in the way consumers shop and buy products in the current market, which is changing swiftly. As the online industry is getting more refined and people are getting accustomed to eCommerce, more and more new business models are coming to the forefront. An online grocery store is one such arena, which has been on the minds of businesses and consumers for a long time. People have tried a hand on it in the 90s but failed, as the adoption was not great.


What is the future of online grocery stores

Now is the perfect time for anyone to launch an online grocery store. Ecommerce has become a household name and consumers are now preferring to buy products online rather than going to local brick and mortar shop. Buying through online grocery stores has its share of advantages. First being that a consumer can just place order virtually anywhere. Secondly, they can also schedule the time of delivery as per their convenience.

Rather than waiting in queues at the supermarket, people can easily manage their other crucial chores and save time. The fact of the matter is that online grocery shopping potentially reduces the inconvenience of grocery selection by eliminating trips to physical stores. According to a Morgan Stanley Research, more than a third of online shoppers are expected to buy their groceries online by the end of 2016. Another report from IBISworld, suggests that online grocery sales are expected to rise 9.5 percent annually to become a $9.4 billion industry in 2017.  This will definitely set the stage for the next big disruption in the online sector.

How to get started with an online grocery store

Like always, you can start from scratch by building the whole CMS for managing the inventory, or just choose the seamless way via turnkey solution. While the first option will give you a unique website, it will take a lot of time and resources. Nowadays entrepreneurs prefer to opt for a turnkey solution, which makes it easy for anyone to launch their own website in no given time.

The best option that comes to mind in that context is Growcer. It has a wide array of built-in features like responsive design, city selection, delivery slots, wish list, etc. There are also multi modes of payment options available like cash on delivery, wallet, and online payments. With the ease of installation and option for customization, this platform is one of the most user-friendly and robust platforms to launch an online grocery store.