Websites like FoodPanda, Seamless, Eat24, and others have collectively made online food ordering & delivery service a day-to-day part of people’s life. And this fact is reflected in the success of these established brands, as well as in the continuously increasing number of new players in this online industry.

Abundant Opportunities for New Players

This booming & somewhat populated sector, however, is still full of opportunities. Being a relatively new eCommerce business model, it still has a lot of scope for experimentation & new initiatives to improve the overall customer experience associated with the online food ordering and delivery service.

Besides profitability & future scope of a business model, what aspiring entrepreneurs are most concerned about is the setup cost of that business. To address that concern, here we have prepared this quick guide on how much an online food ordering system project should cost you.

How Much Should It Cost

Since today eCommerce arena has evolved to a point that one does not have to work from the ground up when setting up an online business, as there are readymade website scripts available for almost all popular online business ideas, in this post we will be only discussing cost estimation considering a turnkey solution.

By far, YoYumm online food ordering system, developed by FATbit Technologies, is the most advanced readymade script for the purpose. Reason being, it is built after an extensive study of top players of the industry and comprises all the features needed for the launch of an advanced food-ordering website.

Online Food Ordering Software Script - Yo!Yumm

Its standard package comes at $499 and helps you get your online food ordering business up & running in just 7-10 days. Although standard package offers all the rich features required for the success of an online food-ordering platform, it comes with standard layout design. The makers of YoYumm understand the need of a custom design for startups, therefore, offers customization in the advanced version of YoYumm, which costs $1999. With custom version, the website setup will take between 1 to 2 months.

Concluding Notes

Comparing these packages, the latter may seem a bit costly & tedious as well; however, given that building a custom website from the scratch typically costs between $5K-10K & could take months (especially if the portal is as advanced as an online food-ordering system) YoYumm offers a decent deal for aspiring entrepreneurs for whom setup budget & time are a huge concern. Additionally, one added advantage with YoYumm is that you get a one-year free technical support.

Hopefully, after going through this post you would have gotten a fair idea on how much setting up a website like FoodPanda will cost you. And this knowledge will consequently enable you to manage the budget for the launch of your startup in a better way.

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