Do you want your content marketing efforts to be more strategic & result-driven, so that they can boost traffic, generate more leads, and provide the best ROI? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we have prepared a list of 8 quite frequently asked questions about content marketing, answered by industry’s top experts. In their answers, experts have also provided tips related to some unique strategies & tools to make your writing & content marketing campaign more effective.

Note: All these questions are asked in a Twitter chat organized by (twitter handle: @writingchat) using hashtag #ContentWritingChat.

Go through the list of quesions and experts replies:

Q1: How do you maintain productivity in content marketing? What are your best tips?

Answered by: @redheadrachel@Steven_Paul @DgtlNativesCast @sandeepsktr@justine_perry @KeystoneClick

Q2: How can you hone in on where your ROI sweet spot is in content marketing?

Answered by: @KeystoneClick @shelbshells4@SpiceDebbie

Q3: How do you begin the process of creating worthwhile content? Tips on planning/mapping?

Answered by: @theleahingram@redheadrachel @jessostroff @KeystoneClick@Steven_Paul@shelbshells4

Q4: Which tools do you rely on to boost productivity in content marketing?

Answered by: @MollyKoernke@Outbrain @globalHMA@thlittleartiste@SocialDraftApp @sandeepsktr @juliejordanscot @amitkakkar03

Q5: How can you effectively scale your content marketing to get more ROI and reach?

Answered by: @globalHMA @DgtlNativesCast@KeystoneClick @sandeepsktr

Q6: How do you know your content marketing is working?

Answered by: @redheadrachel @globalHMA @BRAVOMedia1 @sandeepsktr @MollyKoernke @DgtlNativesCast

Q7: Discuss favorite/unusual ways you’ve been able to achieve results with your own content marketing.

Answered by: @Renoe@w3consulting@globalHMA @tmtap

Q8: What are 1-4 top content marketing platforms/tactics for 2016 and beyond?

Answered by: @danbarker @KeystoneClick@DgtlNativesCast@Edanry @globalHMA

We hope that by going through these questions-answers about content writing & marketing, you would be able to draw some insights that will prove crucial to your business’s success. Feel free to share your feedback about the post through comments.