One of the biggest queries in the mind of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch an online shopping website is which ecommerce platform should they choose. They often ponder upon various criterions before finalizing the right one. Still they have some doubt whether their decision is actually right or not. The following are some of the most crucial features that every ecommerce must have. If the software solution that you choose, has these features then it will fulfill all your requirements.

User Friendly – The biggest and most vital feature that any ecommerce platform must have is that it should be user friendly. The bottom line is that if the users do not find the experience of online shopping convenient, then they will not use your website.

Multi payment gateway – Ecommerce has been able to become so popular due to ease of making payments online. Therefore, you must ensure that your ecommerce platform supports multiple payments gateways making it easy for your consumers to transact.

Secure System – At the end of the day, if an online store is not secure, then no one would want to shop there. Everybody is wary about privacy and data security in the current time, which is why having a secure system become critical.


Low Pricing – You can have all the features you like in your ecommerce platform, but if that software solution puts a big hole in your pocket, then it does not justify the revenue model of the online store. There you must also keep pricing in mind while shopping for an eCommerce platform.

Bulk Import/Export – What if tomorrow your ecommerce website grows immensely and you had to migrate to another platform. If the ecommerce platform does not have bulk import/export feature, then it will become a huge hassle of importing/exporting all the products and users one by one.

Blog Integration – Nowadays blog is one of the critical parts of an online store helping in generating more traffic and sales. Rather than having a separate blog, you must opt for an eCommerce platform, which has an inbuilt blog feature.

Customizable Ecommerce Script – It is very easy to use a turnkey solution and use it as it is. However, there are times when you would want to customize the website as per your requirements. This is where a customizable ecommerce script comes into play. Always ensure that your ecommerce platform can be customized making it easy for you to make necessary changes.

The above-mentioned features are definitely the most crucial ones for the success of an online store. However, every eCommerce store has its unique needs and requires updates as per the changing trends. So while it is necessary to ensure these important features, it is also crucial for stores to integrate features and functionalities as per their business’s specific needs.