The poster-child of the on-demand service marketplace TaskRabbit recently announced that its business quadrupled during the 2014-2015 financial year. While their new approach is being primarily accredited for this solid growth, the business model in itself is quite profitable because of a very high density of available opportunities and deep market penetration.

For those who don’t yet have a clear idea about what an on-demand service marketplace is, these are online platforms that connect people in need of a service with people who have time or required skill for that task. Tasks that can be outsourced on these platforms comprise from household tasks like baby-sitting, electric fixes to professional tasks like logo designing, voice-overs, etc. The biggest names in the industry are TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Fiverr.

As a matter of fact, the entire on-demand economy is on the rise which include on-demand cab-hailing,house renting and many other services. While the stats in the above linked post clearly prove it, the core reason behind this rise is the change in the behavior of customers, who, with the advancement of technology, have become more impatient. And all sorts of on-demand services ideally fit to cater today’s customers’ need.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you too want to take a slice of the huge amount of opportunities the on-demand service industry offers, then you can fulfill that dream of yours by using a technology product called YoGigs. Developed by leading web agency FATbit Technologies, YoGigs is a turnkey solution that enables you to launch a TaskRabbit like marketplace almost in an instant, and that too at a considerable low price.

As for the feature, YoGigs is rich with high-end features that leading players of the industry offer. The readymade website script for launching on-demand service marketplace is also mobile friendly, SEO-ready, and has all the features that modern startups of this sector needs to get established and thrive in the market.

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Those who are serious about getting into this booming ecommerce sector, we would encourage them to research more about the available opportunities and to acquire a better understanding of the market.

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