Freelance writers are in huge demand these days as the need for professional and academic content is on the rise. However finding good writers can often become a hassle. An online marketplace of freelance writers in that sense becomes an ideal choice. When it comes to launching such a website one should look no further than Paperweight. It is one of the best solutions to launch an academic writing website, where clients can connect with freelance writers.

Paperweight offers a quick setup turnkey solution to entrepreneurs looking to start a marketplace for freelance writers. It boast of advanced features like scalability, reviews, task management as well as a secure architecture offering a complete and powerful package at economical pricing.

It not only has the flexibility to add additional revenue streams, but scalability making websites build on it, future proof. Build on a secure architecture, Paperweight has been highly acknowledged by startups to build a peer-to-peer writing platform. For more information on how paperweight can be used to create a robust marketplace for freelance writers check out this slideshow

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