Today, most people are pumped up to start something of their own. The rise of the ecommerce, startup culture, and the advancement in technology over the past one decade have made it significantly easier for such individuals to fulfill their dream of starting something of their own.

However, as easy as it has become to launch a business, it has become equally difficult to make that business successful. The trick lies in identifying a good business model with a good scope down the line and then picking up the right technology solution for its launch.

Potential Business Idea

Given the current lifestyle of typical city dwellers, which is getting increasingly busy for them to do their day-to-day chores on their own, opening an online service professional marketplace is a sound web-based business idea for the present generation of business enthusiasts.

These online service marketplaces enable people to search for service professionals (as well as people who have spare time to do household chores of other people) for specific tasks they don’t have sufficient time or skill to do. For instance buying grocery, fixing taps, etc.

The success of TaskRabbit & Thumbtack in the American market clearly tells about the opportunities the service professional marketplace offer to aspiring entrepreneurs of today.

Right Technology Solution

For those who have recognized the potential of this online business idea and are ready to dive in, YoGigs service professional marketplace software offers the perfect platform to take the first step of their multimillion-dollar business journey.

Developed by FATbit Technologies, a firm known for its cutting-edge ecommerce solutions, YoGigs allows prospective startups a swift and cost-effective way to get established. And the high-end features that YoGigs offers enable them to run & manage their business rather effortlessly.

A combination of the best features of the top service professional marketplaces, YoGigs offers a rich user-experience to all kind of users (clients, servicer professionals/taskers, business owner/admin), and has the right marketing features to help the marketplace thrive. YoGigs script is also customizable and allows business owners to scale their business as the need grows.

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With all that being said, the startup idea for launching an online service professional search marketplace isn’t new to aspiring entrepreneurs. There have been many initiatives like TaskRabbit across the world targeting local markets. However, launching such a marketplace using a product like YoGigs will certainly give your startup an edge over the existing players.

If, after this post, you have started to think about launching a service professional search marketplace, then we suggest you to first research more about them. Check how the major players of the industry are operating, identify potential markets for such marketplaces, and learn about other such nitty-gritty details before making the final decision.

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