Google search console has gone through several changes over the years, adding new features and removing others. Recently, Google has stated that it is likely to kill off the content keywords report in the Google search console. The reason behind this move is that this report caused some confusion to users around how Google ranks pages.

Google’s John Muller while addressing the issue said that most of the users tend to include the same keywords on their page, which they found in the keyword reports search console. This is definitely not ideal so deciding to kill this feature was the most pertinent.

However he also stated that if users wanted this feature to continue then they could just let him know. If any users have some good ideas, then they can send a Google+ note to John Muller. The team will look at the request before turning off the feature.

The main aim of the feature is to show the users how Google looked at their website and understood it. However, it led to a little confusion among the users who used to add unnecessary keywords in the website. This is a bold step by Google to take user consent before making any changes to Google search console.