Over the past couple of decades, the rise of the internet and web-based services has transformed our lives completely. Not only has it made performing day to day tasks much easier for everyone, but has also helped individuals and firms in running their businesses much more efficiently.

And thanks to the constant advancement in the technology, today, even the process of opening a business has been simplified extremely that even not-so-tech-savvy people can start a business easily.

Today, there are many technology solutions at the disposal of people that allow them to launch a business instantly and at considerably lower price. In fact, some business solutions allow people to launch web-based startups at no cost. And there are some that giveaway their high-end technology solutions for free to promising aspiring entrepreneurs so that startup ecosystem continue to prosper with businesses with better future scope, and which are also beneficial for the community.

The ultimate goal of such offerings is to promote the ecommerce startup ecosystem so that more online businesses can come to life and make our lives easier.

One such initiative is #YoKart100Startups, initiated by award-winning multivendor software Yo!Kart. Through the event, YoKart is offering 100 licenses of its ecommerce software to the most promising startups across the world. Supporting YoKart in this initiative to promote the startup culture, world-renowned competitor search & internet marketing tool SEMrush has also promised to offer one-year free access to its SEM tool to the top 10 winners of the campaign. Apart from that, all the other participants will also get a one-month free access to SEMrush’s internet marketing tool.

Events and offers like these work as the backbone of the growing ecommerce startup culture.

#YoKart100Startups, the event that started in mid-April is still running and registrations for it are currently open. Interested business enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs can visit this link to register for the event to get a chance to fulfill their dream of opening an ecommerce store, that too at no cost.

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