Search is one of the most crucial aspects of internet and Google is undeniably the king of search. It took cognizance of the fact that browsers would lead the charge of search, which resulted in launch of highly successful browser chrome. However, as the technology emerges new avenues open up, which call for innovative offerings. This is why Google has gone a step ahead and launched a new keyboard for iPhone called Gboard.

It is a revolutionary keyboard that allows users to make search within any app. The new app lets you search straight from the keyboard, using normal Google search, image search or a search just for GIF animations.

The web searches a particularly useful as it allows you to send links to people buy just doing a simplesearch. This removes the hassle of going to the browser search for some information, copying it and then pasting it in some other app. The keyboard also has swipe typing making it easier for user to write.

In order to make the search you just have to click on the Google button, and make the search without leaving the application you are currently using.

Gboard will save your search history, and will not send anything to Google servers other than search. It has a robust privacy policy in place and you can clear all the searches from the privacy settings on the app.