The results of the first phase of the startup mega event #YoKart100Startups, organized by Yo!Kart multivendor system, have been announced. The event, whose sole purpose was to bring the dreams of 100 potential ecommerce startups to the life by giving them free license of its ecommerce software has decided to extend the signup deadlines so that more deserving startups ideas can benefit from it.

Despite receiving an overwhelming response for the event from across the world, Yo!Kart team couldn’t reach a satisfying number of fitting business ideas for which their multivendor ecommerce software would be an ideal solution. As a result, the team decided to extend the signup guidelines until it shortlists a sufficient number of potential business ideas.

Since registrants till April 28, 2016, were promised that the results will be announced on May 2, 2016,therefore, the team decided to break the event into phases so that the winners among the first phase participants can be announced on the scheduled dates.

You can check the list of winners on the following link:  More winners will be announced and added to the list once Yo!Kart team has reviewed their submitted business profile.

As of now, registrations for the event are still open and the deadline for signup will be announced by Yo!Kart a few days in advanced.

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