Internet has made it easy for anyone to leverage upon the global connectivity and offer seamless services throughout. Many new business ideas are emerging, which enable entrepreneurs to offer unique online services. For example, when we talk about shopping these days, the one thing that comes to mind is ecommerce. This is the power of Internet. Other than online shopping, there are several business ideas that have come to the forefront. Which are these profitable online business ideas? Let us look at the top nine business models for successfully launching a startup.

  1. Multivendor Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce Store startup ideas

One of the most lucrative business models in the current startup ecosystem revolves around launching a multivendor ecommerce store.[Click to Tweet] It is estimated that the global ecommerce market is pegged at $1157 billon. For an entrepreneur looking to enter this industry, launch their own website like Amazon or Ebay, and capture the marketshare, a multivendor ecommerce scripts are the best option. To start with, Yo!Kart is a worthy partner to consider as it comes with all the necessary features at economical pricing.

Link: Yo!Kart

2. Online Travel Activity Booking Website


At about 10% year over year growth, online travel industry is one of most rapidly growing ecommerce sectors. And in past couple of years, online travel ticket & activity booking has emerged as the most profitable business of this booming industry. In 2015 alone, around 150 million travel-related bookings were made online. Needless to say, this business model has caught numerous entrepreneurs’ eye over the past couple of years. Yet, the current rate shows that the industry is far from reaching a saturation point. For aspiring entrepreneurs, who are ready to dive in & seize this opportunity, FunAway – travel activity booking marketplace script offers the ideal solution they need to establish a solid presence in the market from the beginning.
Link: FunAway

3. Online Rental Software


Every item nowadays has some value, more or less! If you think those household items that you rarely use are of no value, well…guess again! What if I say you can rent them out? Wouldn’t that be great!? The concept of renting helps individuals and businesses to extract money out of rarely used items. An Online Rental Marketplace promotes the trend of renting over buying. Now customers have an option to rent a product for short-term. Within last 5 years itself in the e-commerce industry, more than $1 billion has been invested in online rental startups. So within this time frame, starting an online rental marketplace became the hottest business idea. To cater to this need, FATbit Technologies has developed an online rental software, called Yo!Rent.

Link: Yo!Rent

4. Online Service Professional Marketplace

In major cities, life is getting busier and people are finding it more difficult to spare time to run errands and other household tasks. Amid this changing lifestyle, platforms like TaskRabbit & Thumbtack, which enable people to hire other people to get their day to day tasks done, do the work of ace in the hole to resolve this problem for people. In many markets, these service marketplaces have no presence or low penetration, which consequently, open doors for new entrants. Using a turnkey solution with high-end features like YoGigs can give new players the perfect start they need to enter this booming ecommerce sector.

Link: YoGigs

5. Online Food Ordering Website

If you live in a city crowded with large offices, then one profitable startup idea can be to start an online food ordering and delivery website. There are numerous hungry people waiting to eat something delicious but their busy work schedules stop them from going out and eating at a nice restaurant.

Online Food Ordering startups ideas

Feeding hungry mouths is a perfect idea to bank upon, consider investing in a store that offers all the features with a special price for startups. One such example is YoYumm, which comes at an unbeatable price and 24 x 7 technical support, allowing you to concentrate on developing your business without much technical know-how.

Link: YoYumm

6. Online Custom Tailoring Platform

Custom tailoring has been a part of fashion industry since centuries. With Internet coming into equation, there has been a huge demand for online custom clothing store. Investing in custom tailoring platform is a wise decision as not many startups are present in this segment of the startup ecosphere. Among several platforms, stitch stands out of the crowd as it is expandable, highly intuitive, secure for customers to pay online, and more.

Link: Stitch

7. Marketplace for Freelance Writers 

online business ideas

Content is at the heart of everything available on the Internet. Writing can be considered as one of the most important assets to have in this age of Internet. So, why not to start an online marketplace where writers can come together and sell their work? One such all-round solution to help you start your online marketplace for writers is Paperweight. With Paperweight, you get tons of features including review management, eWallet, affordable, and more.

Link: Paperweight

8. Online grocery store builder

This business idea is similar to online food delivery but only with a slight difference. With an online grocery store, you can virtually own an entire supermarket and sell your products online but the advantage is that you don’t need an actually brick and mortar store. All you need is a website and people to help you deliver groceries to homes. Consider investing in such an online grocery store builder, which comes with responsive layout, robust reporting, gift voucher management, and more.

Link: Growcer

9. Gym Membership Portal Development

Finding an online fitness center is a hassle and comparing multiple fitness centers is even more difficult due to lack of information available. This lack of information is an opportunity and presents the perfect online business idea for your startup. By starting a multivendor store for fitness centers, you can be your own boss and if you are an owner of a fitness center, then it will allow you to reach wider audience. With comparison tools, and much more, YoMemberz is the perfect place to start.

Link: Yo!Memberz


The above list represents those business ideas, which have less competition, can be scaled easily, does not require major investment, and are based on consumer’s need. All these platforms can be scaled up and automated to reduce the human effort. With such attributes, these online business ideas give the perfect opportunity to an entrepreneur to start an online business.

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