In a recent update, Google announced it will drop Flash based ads and adopt HTML5 for creating Adwords campaigns. The complete migration will be done in two phases.

In the first phase, starting June 30, 2016, Flash based ads will no longer be added to Adwords campaign and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. The second phase, starting January 2, 2017, Flash ads come to a halt and stop running across Google Display Network as well as DoubleClick. To help advertisers in this transition, Google has launched the Google Web Designer, which is integrated in the HTML5 toolkit.

Also, in one of the responses to several questions asked on this update, Adwords replied on G+

“Flash ads that were converted to HTML5 through Swiffy will continue to serve the HTML5 ad. No new creatives will be converted after July. I hope this helps Matthew.” _____Jarett

Google Adwords Says Hasta La Vista to Flash based Ads, Makes HTML5 Ads Mandatory

According to Monetate’s 2013, eCommerce quarterly report, smartphone users grew from 5 percent to 10 percent and tablet users grew from 6 percent to 11 percent. The growth of this order changed the thinking of digital advertisers, which eventually led about 47 percent advertisers to design ads optimized for portable devices.

KPCB Internet Trends in May 2014 revealed that over 25 percent of global page views were originating from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Seizing the opportunity, Google introduced the ability to upload HTML5 based ads in an Adwords campaign within a few months to explore unknown waters. The outcome turned out to be positive and eventually gained momentum resulting in Google dropping Flash based ads once and for all.

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