When it comes to search, nothing can beat the pure innovating capabilities of Google. Its search functionality has evolved immensely over the years (‘Google Now’ is a perfect example of that). From keywords driven search to long tail queries, Google has always emphasized of making its search more human friendly.

Over the last couple of years, it has been leveraging its knowledge graph to bring forth instant results. In the below image you can clearly see Google knowledge graph in action. Rather than making user click on the most relevant link, it offers the information right on the search result page.

Google offers Instant Answers Right in the Chrome’s Search barHowever, this was just a tip of the iceberg if we talk about instant search results. Gradually over the last year, it has improved the instant results, to show short answers directly in the address bar as you are typing them.

Can we trust Google’s Knowledge Graph for infoIt is a subtle update, which saves you from having to wait for results page to load. This not only makes the instant search results more prompt, but in some cases also offers you the answer before the whole question is asked.

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instant search results more prompt

Although currently this feature is only available on Google search apps and chrome browser. Type your searches into Chrome’s address bar like usual and you will receive a quick answer. Continued enhancements like this surely make Google search a more compelling and human friendly product.

There are several such small upgrades that Google keeps bringing forth from time to time. We keep a track of all such improvements to prepare you for Google search completion. Read about the Innovations that made Google Search Great in 2015. And, if you know any such search feature, which is less known or unexplored, share it with us in comment section.