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10 Women Entrepreneurs of the World Who Are Beyond Beauty & Brains10 Women Entrepreneurs of the World Who Are Beyond Beauty & Brains10 Women Entrepreneurs of the World Who Are Beyond Beauty & Brains10 Women Entrepreneurs of the World Who Are Beyond Beauty & Brains10 Women Entrepreneurs of the World Who Are Beyond Beauty & Brains

From Forbes to Fortune the world is singing praises of female entrepreneurs. Some list them as sexy, powerful, successful, rich millionaires, while few call them young and beautiful women business tycoons. No matter what names you give to our leading ladies, one thing remains constant in all success stories- their love for perfection.

We too have discovered such beauties that reign the world of entrepreneurship with their ardent love for precision and innovation. Our list of successful female entrepreneurs is quite diverse as it includes entrepreneurs of varied fields and with different achievements. So it will jog your memories of various famous personalities of the world who became rich at a very young age with their innovative ideas and beautiful mind.

Let’s start with Tory Burch, Founder and CEO of Theranos.

#1. Tory Burch (Chairman, CEO & designer at

Tory Burch (Chairman, CEO & designer at

Tory Burch is an American businesswoman more popularly known as a fashion designer. She is a versatile professional who worked for various brands before creating her own label, Tory Burch LLC. From assisting designer to working for magazine and advertising, public relations company, she has done all. With the net worth of about US$1 billion and 160 stores worldwide, she certainly is one of the rich girls in the world who are known for beauty and brains.

About Tory Burch LLC

As called ‘the next big thing in fashion’ at Oprah Winfrey’s show too, Tory Burch LLC is one of the world’s famous fashion labels. It was founded in 2004 and was a major hit within days. It serves internationally with websites in seven languages and physical stores and flagships all over the world.

Twitter Link: @toryburch | Business Website:

#2. Rachel Shechtman (Founder, CubeVentures &

Rachel Shechtman (Founder, CubeVentures &

Rachel Shechtman launched Cube Ventures in 2003 and Story in 2001. Both of her ventures revolve around retail world as the Cube Ventures is a consultancy dedicated to retail businesses and Story is a digital magazine centering on retail sector only. She is passionate about startup culture and acts as advisor for leading names like Quirky, Birchbox, Bow & Drape, MikMak and SmartyPants Vitamins.

 About Cube Ventures & Story

Cube Ventures is a retail consulting group that specializes in development of customized retail strategies and Story is based on retail model and looks like online magazine but acts like a store that offers a viewpoint first and further unfolds a gallery.

Twitter: @rachelshechtman | LinkedIn: rachel-shechtman-89819b | Website: ,

#3. Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams (Founders Ingoodcompany)

 Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams (Founders Ingoodcompany)Amy Abrams, the founder of and Adelaide Lancaster came together to create InGoodCompany that is a community of women entrepreneurs as well as physical office space for them. After consulting women entrepreneurs for a long time they discovered several challenged face d by them and thought of creating this platform. It’s a different venture and in nascent stage as compared to businesses listed here but it stills bags a place in our list due to its highly innovative business model.

From technology to retail, healthcare, art and craft, women entrepreneurs have captured all zones. Magazines call them the rich, sexy and beautiful entrepreneurs and men entrepreneurs see them as competition. What makes their success more enthralling is the innovation they add to the business world. Here are few more young and self-made women entrepreneurs who are making a difference to US economy with their presence.

Twitter Link:@ingoodcmpny

#4. Leah Busque (Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit)

Leah Busque (Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit)Leah Busque is the innovator of a unique platform that helps people outsource small jobs. After graduating from Sweet Briar College in 2001, she started working in IBM as a software engineer. It was after working for seven years that she realized that the time to start her own venture had arrived. She left the job and spent months on gathering ideas, planning and founded this mobile and online marketplace that brought her among the US women entrepreneurs building businesses worth millions.

About TaskRabbit:

It was launched in 2008 and was named RunMyErrand initially. The company got $1.8 Million seed funding and never looked back. It acquired SkillSlate and One Jackson too. Leah got the idea to found TaskRabbit when she herself felt the need of someone to get her dog’s food.

Twitter Link: @labusque | Business Website:

#5. Alexa von Tobel (Founder and CEO of LearnVest)

Alexa von Tobel (Founder and CEO of LearnVest)Alexa Von Tobel is one of the determined woman entrepreneurs who made a place of her own in the finance world. She founded that aims at making personal finance information accessible to everyone. She studied in Harvard College when the idea of founding her own venture came across. With A.B. in Psychology and her stint with Morgan Stanley as a trader, she started working on LearnVest in 2008. Not just this but she is also the co-founder of L.W.A.L.A., which is a nonprofit organization fighting HIV in Africa.

About LearnVest

With a focus on promoting financial well-being, LearVest is a personal finance company that sells pertinent solution to help people manage their finance. The company headquarters in new York, USA and has raised approximately $70 million funding through various rounds of funding.

Twitter: @alexavontobel | LinkedIn: alexavontobel | Website:

#6. Julia Hartz (Cofounder & President, Eventbrite)

Julia Hartz (Cofounder & President, Eventbrite)Julia Hartz has performed various roles at Eventbrite other than that of a cofounder. From ticket selling website to global marketplace, this live experiences’ platform has grown every inch since 2006. Julia and her fiance started working for cofounding this venture soon after getting engaged. She is the one reason why Eventbrite today ranks among top places to work in San Francisco as this young and beautiful female entrepreneur takes care of in-house strategy and growth too.

About EventBrite

Popularly known as world’s biggest self-service ticketing platform, Eventbrite was launched in 2006. It currently has 500+ employees working in various offices including San Francisco (headquarters), Nashville, London, Dublin, Berlin, Melbourne, Mendoza, and Sao Paulo.

Twitter Link: @juliahartz | LinkedIn: juliahartz | Website:

#7. Elizabeth Holmes (Founder and CEO of Theranos)

Elizabeth Holmes (Founder and CEO of Theranos)Her story is no different than that of the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Just as he did, she too dropped out of Ivy League university in the second year to chase her dreams. She created Theranos, a blood diagnostics startup. This self-made billionaire was just nineteen when she took her first step towards entrepreneurship. Elizabeth Holmes took this big decision to bootstrap her business and invested money saved by her parents for her education in her dream venture. Making health information accessible to every human was her prime motto with which she took her first step towards a journey that has brought her today among the youngest self-made billionaires of the world.

About Theranos:

Thenranos is a California based company that deals in heath technology and medical-lab services. Broadly known for its blood testing device named, Edison, Thenranos offers wide-ranging lab tests that aim at detecting diseases in the early stage. Today Theranos’ values around $9 billion.

Twitter Link: @eholmes2003 | Business Website:

#8. Anne M. Mulcahy (Former chairperson & CEO, Xerox Corporation)

Anne M. Mulcahy (Former chairperson & CEO, Xerox Corporation)Listed twice by Forbes among world’s most powerful women, Anne Mulcahy is a popular name in America’s best leaders. Her selection as the CEO of Xerox was a result of her sheer knowledge and outstanding contribution to the company. The matter of fact is that she joined as a field sales representative and further got promoted to various positions including vice president for human resources until board of directors chose her as CEO in 2001, even though she didn’t intend to get this position.

About Xerox:

Xerox is a globally known company headquartered in the U.S. that sells document technology products. Founded in 1906, the company originally dealt in photographic paper but currently it serves the business process and document services industries and owns net income of $ 1.084 billion (as of 2014).

Business Website:

#9. Indra Nooyi (Chairperson & CEO PepsiCo)

Indra Nooyi (Chairperson & CEO PepsiCo)Indra Nooyi is one of the most talked about names in the world of business. An inspiration for female entrepreneurs and a competitor to several corporate strategists, this woman has been ranked in Forbes’ and other reputed lists of powerful people of the world many a times. She joined in 1994 and within 6-7 years she was designated as the President and CFO of PepsiCo.

About PepsiCo

It’s a multinational company that came into being in 1965 after the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. That resulted in expansion which included new food and beverage brands.

Twitter @indranooyi

#10. Vani Kola (Managing Director, Kalaari Capital) NUMBERThis Indian venture capitalist is known to pick the best entrepreneurial minds and support them to build a successful venture. Vani Kola attained her master’s degree from Arizona State University and began her career with technology companies. For twelve years, she had various experiences that grew her as a seasoned professional of Silicon Valley and in 2011 (after returning back in 2006) she founded Kalaari Capital.


Kalaari Capital aims at guiding upcoming entrepreneurs/companies of India and helping them grow. It targets businesses that aspire to step into unexplored areas and plan to offer innovative solutions.

Twitter Link: @vanikola   |LinkedIn: vanikola |Website:

Share the names that you find appropriate for this list; add them in comments.

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