A university ERP solution needs to score on multiple management parameters to gain recognition. That’s why top ERP systems like Campus bring diverse set of features for college staff and top officials. Let’s learn how the popular web driven system is helping universities with library, funding, and finance management:

Library Management

Managing a library can be really tiring without the help of technology. That’s why colleges look for ERP solutions that also bring library management capabilities.


Campus is favored by university staff because:

  • It simplifies book search for staff as well as students
  • It enables online book requests and approval
  • It saves staff’s time by enabling smart data management

By automating challenging library chores, this feature frees staff for other important tasks.

Funding Management

Running an educational institute requires funds. And because data related to different funding parties can be overwhelming, Campus organizes funding data on the basis of:

  • Projects
  • Bodies
  • Applications and much more

Organization of data leads to quick access at the time of need, which further quickens the process of decision making for university administration. Plus all the data is completely secure

Finance Management

Educational institutions not only have to manage funds but also need to keep account of fee payments, expenses, and other transactions. That why a university ERP solution without advanced finance management module rarely succeeds. Campus scores in this area by bringing:

  • Accounts management functionality
  • Transaction database
  • Profit and Loss a/c insights
  • Quick transactions and much more

Of course these are not the only features that make a university ERP software truly remarkable. It must also pack features related to hostel management, staff interaction, student communication, and result announcement.

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