Want to take the leap of entrepreneurship in 2016 but don’t want to bet big in terms of money and time? We have the right opportunity for you in booming online car research and buying industry.


Yo!Drive is a readymade product that online business aspirants are using to start car marketplaces. Before delving on it further, let’s quickly explain what exactly a car marketplace is:

  • It’s a place where people go to search for new and old cars
  • Dealers list their cars on it for buyers
  • Buyers view car details and make comparisons
  • People also list their cars for sale

Built with concepts of UX and SEO, the car dealership portals built on Yo!Drive promise search advantage as well. Check out this blog post to learn more about the unique features of the turnkey solution.

Launching such a local car selling marketplace from scratch can be a costly affair but with Yo!Drive, it is extremely affordable. Actually, it costs only $499. It makes no sense to pay without confirming features and other critical site aspects. Visit site to try demos.

Do you have any other queries about the online car portal script? Share them with us and we will help you with every detail.