What is Campus?

Campus is a University ERP solution that integrates all of an organization’s departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified and enterprise-wide information system. This includes student information, human resources, financial systems, and all the other academic resources clubbed into one administrative system. It can facilitate zero redundancy; secure inter-module information exchange thereby saving a lot in the form of time and money.

Why Global Universities/Colleges trust Campus?

This cloud-based university ERP solution is engineered to handle all the resources related to staff, university, and students. With robust features related to finance, results, hostel, funding, and exam management, it scores high on the scale of quality and owns various benefits for students, teachers and administrators.


Following is a glimpse into the big picture of Campus:

Students – It handles all the queries and tasks related to students starting from admissions to managing their progress reports. In addition to it, students can also take care of time consuming and tiring chores like fees payment to issuing a library book, etc.

Teachers – Campus helps teachers manage their schedule and thereby minimizes the workload as well as improves productivity. Campus empowers the faculty to manage all the assignments, research work and various other tasks related to students online that tags it as the best University ERP system available currently in the market.

Administrators – It enables better management of the entire administrative department and streamlines tedious paperwork such as student records, attendance, and staff accounts easily. In addition to it, the software can also handle exams and results management as well as getting real-time information for all the administrative departments within the organization.

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Overall Campus is a complete package that makes it easy for any university or college to enhance productivity throughout its departments. Not only the productivity and functionality of the organization are increased many folds upon implementation of Campus, but it also helps in delivering convenience and simplicity to staff as well as students.