Building a services marketplace for household errands can be daunting if you lack a user-focused script. To ensure the success of a startup based on daily chores, one needs to heavily focus on features that can make the service search/hiring easier. That’s so because service seekers cannot choose a local professional based on a photograph or service cost. Nor they expect to go through pages of details to select one service provider out of tens of thousands. Similarly the service professionals need a suitable channel to approach potential customers.

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To make the search process effective and less time-consuming, information architecture designers follow a planned approach, which helps minimize steps and maximize efficacy. Not just search feature but approaching service requests, finding right jobs too requires utmost attention to make it hassle-free for service providers.

Following are the most important features of a service marketplace based on routine tasks:

Stress-free Bid Management– Bids make the selection of tasker easier as a seeker goes through each bid and chooses the right professional. All bids have certain time period and cost that differentiates all service providers.
Secure Payments- Security can be a big issue if your site fails to offer safe methods of payment. Online businesses greatly depend on payment system as that’s one of the factors responsible for building trust among users.

Simplified Communication – A cool chat feature combined with easy access to mails is important to facilitate personal interactions between both parties the seeker and the provider. Communication is the key to smooth processing of a service based portal so make sure you don’t miss out on that.

Multiple Log-in Options – This is one of the common features of ecommerce websites these days. To make log-in more enticing to users, websites offer two-three options at least, which include social logins like Facebook, G+.

Quick Notifications- Smart notification system makes a smart portal by keeping users engaged. Notifying users about replies, bids, messages and other activities related to their posts and profiles is quite important. Grab a script/software that empowers your website on this ground.
Map functionality- Add maps to make local service discovery easier for service seekers. Enable your users to find each other locally with Google maps.

Social Media Sharing- Social sharing is a crucial reason behind the popularity of product/service based marketplaces. The more people share about you the higher your chances are to rise as a brand. For startups it is a not-to-miss thing.

User Reviews- User reviews help service professionals build impressive profiles and also inspire them to deliver the best job. For a service seeker reviews act as assistance that he/she can completely rely on as the feedbacks come from seekers like them.

Build a service offering marketplace where several small jobs are posted and delivered everyday

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Going through Yo!Gigs, a dedicated platform for developing marketplaces for small jobs will give you a broad view of detailed features  that make a daily chores’ business work online. Being developed by the veterans of ecommerce development, it is styled uniquely and offers a unified solution to meet various demands of service seekers as well as providers. Developing portals like TaskRabbit and Fiverr can be a costly affair in terms of time and money if you lack proper planning and support talented programmers.  This local service marketplace script is equipped with both. Try demo to see for yourself.

More about Yo!Gigs

Platforms built on Yo!Gigs  allow service seekers to post tasks and let service providers apply for the job along with service charge.  Job poster chooses relevant service providers based on the details and price quote offered. The script is exclusively designed to make the online hiring of service professionals effortless for people needing help for their daily chores. With a user engaging design and never seen functionality, Yo!Gigs is a complete package for future business startups.

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It offers the finest development support to the entrepreneurs looking to build a small service marketplace. Highly endorsed by startups, this service marketplace solution comes with free technical support for 1 year and many other aids.

Built by the expert designers and developers of FATbit, Yo!Gigs takes the highest place when it comes to service marketplace script. Contact the development team to discuss your queries or distinct requirements.