Online rental platforms are gradually becoming a dominant force in the present e-commerce ecosystem. Reason being, today’s consumers prefer access over ownership, i.e. renting over purchasing. Amid the trend, it is no surprise that a great many number of aspiring entrepreneurs are planning to open online rental stores instead of traditional online shopping platforms.

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One major challenge that entrepreneurs face here is that launching rental platforms is way difficult than launching a shopping website. Shopify, WooCommerce, Yo!Kart, etc., there are plenty of e-commerce platforms that let you build an online shopping platform with considerable ease. However, when it comes to launching an online rental platform, no such names comes to mind.

To cater this need, FATbit Technologies has developed an online rental software, called Yo!Rent, which serves as a turnkey solution to open online rental marketplaces like Gamefly & RedBox. Cool thing about Yo!Rent is that it can be easily customized to launch an online rental platform for any sort of rentable commodity such as books, movies, games, bikes, automobiles, and more.

Yo!Rent is the result of a thorough market research and hours of painstaking development efforts. It is specially created to enable entrepreneurs in launching a successful online rental business at low cost and without any setup hassles. It comprises all the essential marketplace features, as well as scores well on all important parameters that are taken into consideration while launching an e-commerce platform.

Here are some feature highlights of Yo!Rent that prove it to be an ideal solution for launching online rental platforms:


Multi vendor

Yo!Rent is a great tool that converts your shop into a superbly-functioning marketplace. You can add multiple sellers (vendors) to your marketplace and keep a track of their sales as well. Sellers or vendors can have their personal profile and inventory page. The merchant or Admin can easily set commissions for all the sellers/vendors.

Mobile Ready

Keeping UX & conversion in focus, Yo!Rent is made ready for mobile platform to enable startup capitalize on the constantly growing mobile market.


Yo!Rent is fully customization. At any time you can add any feature to your rental platform and give it any new look. And the scope for scalability allows you expand your business without any hurdles.


With content management system, you will have total control over your online rental platform. You can add new products, update product description and website content from your end easily.

Rent+ Sell

 So, let’s assume someone needs a product really bad but just for a few days. In such a case, it can be rented and used for a definite period of time with YoRent. On the other hand, if someone needs to sell something which they don’t require anymore, just put it on a YoRent marketplace and sell it.

With a range of user -friendly features available, YoRent outperforms all the existing marketplaces making renting and selling a breeze.

Visual Statistics

Using very simple-to-understand graphical formats like Pie-charts and bar graphs, YoRent provides an inbuilt analytics system to realize the right business strategy. With these visual statistics, rest assured, any Yo!Rent powered marketplace owner will be making informed decisions.

Invoice Generation

 SAVE  TIME DOING ALL THAT PAPERWORK! YoRent has an inbuilt script which is automated to perform invoice generations for all rental transactions.

Smart Review Management

Change review order, choose whether you want to show a certain review to public or not with YoRent‘s smart review management. Your products and company reputation is now literally in your hands.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is present at every level in Yo!Rent – whether it is for the publicity of the brand or sharing listed products on different social networks.

Besides these, the admin section is also loaded with rich & easy to use marketplace features such as user management, order management, invoice generation, shipment method management, and more. There is also provision of performance reporting based on several parameters to enable webmasters track their progress and formulate business strategy accordingly.

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Best of all, with Yo!Rent, all these rich features and functionalities are available at an affordable price of $4999, whereas, custom development of a similar feature-rich rental portal typically cost at least a few thousand dollars. Not to mention the time and efforts its setup will take.