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Top 10 Ultimate Ecommerce Turnkey Solutions for Launching Online Business in 2016Top 10 Ultimate Ecommerce Turnkey Solutions for Launching Online Business in 2016Top 10 Ultimate Ecommerce Turnkey Solutions for Launching Online Business in 2016Top 10 Ultimate Ecommerce Turnkey Solutions for Launching Online Business in 2016Top 10 Ultimate Ecommerce Turnkey Solutions for Launching Online Business in 2016

In this post, we share with you online startup business ideas that will get you started in the hottest online industries at small investment. Read on and discover high-profit online marketplaces:

#1. Yo!Kart  (Multivendor Marketplace software)

About Yo!Kart: It is a multivendor eCommerce solution, useful for entrepreneurs looking to enter the eCommerce industry. This script allows various vendors to sell their goods on a common platform and make money. Its user-engaging interface can also be further customized as per the requirements of the clients. Designed by extremely talented designers and coded by the finest developers, this turnkey solution has a range of advanced features.


  • Three layer security for enhanced protection
  • Intuitive interface with options for customization
  • SEO friendly CMS
  • Consumer location based features

Yo!Kart Multi Vendor Ecommerce System

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#2. Stitch (Custom Clothing Website Script)

About Stitch: It is a robust turnkey solution for starting a custom clothing website. It is the perfect solution to launch an eCommerce website without the need of advanced coding. Stitch is a custom shirt design website software that includes diverse feature list of many custom suit & shirt websites.

This custom clothing website script has been designed with concepts of SEO in mind. This means that a custom clothing site built using stitch will come up in Google search results and help to sell more. It boasts of advanced features like:

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Advanced Search
  • Secure online payments
  • Flexibility and scalability


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#3. PaperWeight (Marketplace for Freelance Writers)

About PaperWeight: It is a feature-rich script for developing a marketplace for freelance writers. After detailed analysis of popular and established essay writing platforms, the team behind this powerful solution includes some of the best features like intuitive UI, robust backend CMS and secure architecture. It empowers your audience to easily rate writers, post reviews and help others pick suitable writing professionals. The turnkey solution has been highly acknowledged by startups to build an online paper-writing website due to features like:

  • Easy order placement
  • Comparison based on writer’s ratings
  • Scalability making websites future proof
  • End of end customer-writer communication channel

Paper Weight

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#4. Yo!Drive (Location Based Car Selling Portal)

About Yo!Drive: It is a complete eCommerce solution, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to launch an online platform for buying and selling new and used cars. While car buyers can use such platforms to make comparisons and discover great deals, car sellers can display new as well as used cars on them. Yo!Drive takes cognizance of buyers, sellers as well as dealers providing a complete and powerful package. It has been built after an extensive market study of top platforms and has incorporated some of the most innovative features that contribute greatly when it comes to user experience as well as platform management. Some of these advanced features include:

  • Mobile optimized design
  • Advanced car search
  • Enhanced lead Generation
  • Smart Car comparison

Yo!Drive Online Car Portal Script

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#5. Yo!Yumm (Food Ordering Portal Development)

About Food Ordering Portal Development: It is an advanced eCommerce script offering a complete package to launch an online food-ordering website. After carefully studying all the popular food-ordering sites, the team behind this powerful and innovative script added several impressive features in the script. Multivendor capabilities clubbed with customizable design, make this online food ordering portal solution a complete package. This innovative solution incorporates best practices and delivers features such as:

  • Restaurant review system
  • Multi-vendor capabilities
  • Responsive web design to make it mobile friendly
  • Optimized CMS

Food Ordering Portal Development

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#6. Yo!Memberz (Online Membership Solution)

About YO!Memberz: It is an online membership solution, which allows entrepreneurs to launch search and comparison website for membership based businesses. The robust technology behind Yo!Memberz makes it very feasible to discover all service providers in a specific region, compare their offerings, and pick the best deal. There are several options available within the website builder to increase the revenue stream like advertisements, paid registrations and sponsored content. Other features that give this turnkey solution and edge in the market are:

  • Mobile and future ready
  • Review management system that offers transparency
  • Optimized dashboard that showcases all the vital information in one place
  • Advanced search options for better discoveryYo!Gigs - Online Services Marketplace Script

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#7. Yo!Deals (Daily Deals Website Script)

About Yo!Deals: It is one of the most widely used eCommerce solutions for launching a daily deals website. It allows entrepreneurs to earn from online deals with option of multi-vendor functionality. Yo!Deals brings vast range of features meticulously crafted by experienced team of designers and developers. It takes into account the required benefits of all the stakeholders, be it portal owner, merchant and buyer. The platform works as a full-fledged multi-vendor store. It has a wide array of features including:

  • Responsive platform
  • Advanced deals, product and merchant management
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Social media integration


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#8. Yo!Gigs (Service Marketplace Script)

About Yo!Gigs: It is an all-round solution for entrepreneurs looking to start a service professional marketplace. The innovative script has been meticulously designed to make online hiring of service professionals a breeze. It is integrated with robust search and task creation functionality. This makes the overall task creation process a walk in a park for users. There are dedicated dashboards for task seekers as well as service professional offering ample information. The aesthetically designed front end with powerful backend options simplify task discovery for service providers so that they do not find it difficult to find new tasks. Other vital features include:

  • Quick and hassle free setup
  • Customization and scalability
  • Secure payments via eWallet
  • End to end communication channel

Yo!Gigs - Online Services Marketplace Script

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#9. Yo!Rent (Online Rental Business Marketplace Script)

About Yo!Rent: It is the best eCommerce software for starting an online rental marketplace. It is an extremely flexible and customizable offering immense scope of future scaling. This powerful script takes cognizance of all the market dynamics necessary for building a rental portal. This is why it has provisions of incorporating eCommerce features, multivendor functionality, deals integration, and advertising additions to improve the monthly income inflow drastically. It has been meticulously created to explore all the possible avenues in the renting business model. Some of its key features include:

  • Advanced CMS management
  • Social media integration
  • Smart Review management
  • Detailed sales, order and revenue statistics

Yo!Rent - Online Rental Software

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#10. Campus (University ERP Software)

About Campus: It is advanced university ERP software, which makes it easy for any academic institution to streamline their administrative processes to attain efficiency. It surely takes care of all the academic and administrative functionality for any university. There are dedicated student, teacher and admin modules that not only increase the productivity and functionality of the organization but also help in delivering convenience and simplicity. It advanced features come as boon for staff as well as students, which include:

  • Secure architecture to keep all the data safe
  • Live chat for seamless communication between staff and students
  • Automated process and data analysis for managing university finances
  • Optimized exams and result management


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All the above listed turnkey solutions bring unique advantages, and are popular amongst entrepreneurs of respective industries. So, if you want to play safe with your first online venture, these businesses are worth considering.

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