Universities as well as colleges, often face various challenges ranging from academic to administrative. Amid all dares lies the responsibility to streamline the whole process to make it more organized and easy-to-handle. Using centralized ERP solution is the only way out to deal with difficulties that educational institutes face while managing students, staff and more.

university management ERP system

Campus is an ERP Solution to smoothen administrative activities of universities and colleges. It is a web-based ERP system for universities, which not only allows easier management of administrative resources, but facilitates better collaboration between staff and students too to streamline academic progression.

Choosing Campus is your Best Bet

Campus boasts of advanced features, which have been meticulously developed after long sessions of brainstorming and looking at each aspect of the functioning of a university. Other prominent features of Campus include:

  • Secure architecture to keep all the data safe
  • Flexibility to scale up at any point
  • Live chat for seamless communication between staff and students
  • Updates and notifications for important announcements and news
  • Automated process and data analysis for managing university finances
  • Exams and results management
  • Options for online hostel accommodation organization
  • User management, account policies and group permissions for secure access of data

In addition to all these advanced features, which make Campus a robust ERP system for colleges, you can tailor a new website as per one’s liking and business goals by adding more features.

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Campus is an ERP solution that not only comes as a boon for staff members of the college but for the students too. While academies get the ease of online allocation of assignments, students can work on those assignments and submit online after completion. Other advantages of Campus include:

  • Minimized workload of the staff
  • Increased productivity
  • Effective handling of resources of the university

Campus helps simplifying time-consuming and tiring academic chores for students. The best part of choosing Campus is that universities get free technical support for the first year. So it’s not just the performance rich features but additional support offered by makers of Campus that makes it more popular. It is highly acknowledged by universities as well as colleges as a first class solution for streamlining administrative setup of colleges.

Add to that, the ease of implementation that comes with Campus, and makes it a complete package. Get in touch with the team of experts behind Campus, to fix the day-to-day issues you face with university management.