Top eCommerce stores like Ebay and Etsy have grown popularity of multi-vendor business and brought it amongst the hottest startup options. Knowing that technology and cost are the major challenges for setting up such stores, Yo!Kart is built along the lines of high-performing websites that attract budding entrepreneurs towards eCommerce industry. Developed by FATbit, Yo!Kart promises best web support and reasonable cost along with some of the most powerful features.

Yo!Kart - An Easy Way to Start Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Store & Make it Success

Featured with advanced functionality, it is perfect for building online stores based on fashion, real estate, jewelry, architecture, etc. The site built on Yo!Kart comes with responsive design. Along with the standard cost of USD 250, Yo!Kart offers 1-year free technical support and hosting.

Yo!Kart Reviews Overview, Pricing and Features

Benefits of Building a Multi-vendor Ecommerce Portal With Yo!Kart

UX focused

It is a proven fact that websites created with concepts of user experience in mind perform better. Yo!Kart is the result of detailed research and months of UX planning by web experts, and has been created to give multivendor stores the benefit of high user engagement.

Enhanced security

Popular multivendor stores hoard transactions worth millions every day. That’s why special emphasis is required from security point of view. Yo!Kart packs sturdy enhancements on client and server side to make the platform highly secure. From shoppers to merchants, everyone benefits from this.

Automated tasks

Order sorting, tax estimation, and shipping cost calculation are unique challenges that come with multivendor stores. Yo!Kart simplifies such daunting tasks with its cutting edge technology, and gives site owners ease of management. Besides that, it supports multiple payment gateways for maximum conversions.

Search engine mileage

New online stores need every traffic source they can muster to gain recognition as a brand. So, it just isn’t possible to ignore the search angle. Multivendor stores powered by Yo!Kart carry the potential to dominate search engine results, and generate more sales., which means more store profits.

Ease for merchants

Merchants love online stores that are built with the consideration of sellers’ needs. To bring maximum number of merchants on board, Yo!Kart integrated smart features to manage products, offers and discounts. Fitted with easy-to-use CMS, this multivendor ecommerce store script also makes content management very easy.

Informed decision making

Store owners need data to make strategic decisions and create marketing strategies. Gathering such insights can be difficult in the absence of data gathering and reporting tools. Yo!Kart comes with report generation capabilities that helps gather insights related to sales, orders, cart abandonment, and much more.

Problems with Multivendor clone scripts

There is no dearth of multivendor eCommerce store scripts in the market and most carry similar feature framework. This is the reason why young entrepreneurs planning to launch online stores often get confused while choosing the right solution. To kill such confusion, you must choose a script that not only brings amazing features but also scores well on UX, conversion and site management.

Multi-vendor Ecommerce MarketPlace Demo

Front end features

It provides a marketplace where customers can buy used or new products and offers free registration for vendors along with the option to login via social media accounts. Front end comprises of seller’s and buyer’s feedback system and makes way for social media sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email. Some of the more front end features offered by Yo!Kart are listed below:

  • Responsive designs for PCs, Tablets and Smart phones
  • Featured Stores on Home Page
  • Subscribing to email newsletter
  • Internal Messaging System between customers and vendors

Multi-vendor Ecommerce Demo Front End

Essential features at Buyers’ End

It gives the option to buyers to save the product as favorites that will be displayed in favorite products’ list. More features that can be seen under the buyer module are:

  • Buyers can do private messaging with sellers via inbox
  • Save search criteria for the product
  • Option to write reviews for products
  • Social Media Sharing Options
  • Save multiple deliveries with billing address
  • Ability to track order and product history
  • Update profile and account settings

Multi-vendor Ecommerce Demo Buyers

Admin demo

The key components that are managed under admin module are as follows:

  • Manage groups and team members
  • Admin-Dashboard with many elements like: (Earnings, Sales, Orders, Signups, Products, Statistics)
  • Manage filter groups and filter options
  • Manage product options
  • Manage stock and inventory
  • Manage seller’s product listing
  • Ability to approve product images
  • View notifications

 Multi-vendor Ecommerce Demo Admin management

Supplier demo

Yo!Kart allows the sellers to create their own store with a personalized logo. It is comprised of following components.

  • Manage products including their information, stocks, images and many more things
  • Manage product shipping charge and tax rate
  • Featured products
  • Selling history
  • Ability to view all orders placed by buyers
  • Managing order status
  • Seller payout payment details
  • Credit Summary

Multi-vendor Ecommerce Demo Supplier

More features of Yo!Kart include, unlimited number of site users and products listing, SEO Friendly system, shopping cart integration with SSL certificates, easy to display products/deals of the week on banner, and advanced search options.

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If you are planning to build a multi-vendor ecommerce store, Yo!Kart is the perfect solution. Its powerful features and affordable cost makes it the best product available to launch an online ecommerce multi-vendor store with small investments. To know more, visit website.